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Re-imagining Salmon in the Canadian Columbia River Basin: An Artist Exhibition

Opening Reception at the Art Council Gallery, Cranbrook, BC
on Friday, February 6, 2015 at 7:00 pm

2015 LetThemRun.CranbrookPoster

Exhibition Statement:

Since the ice age Columbia River Salmon have functioned as the major cultural, spiritual, economic and environmental influence.

Once the largest run of Salmon in the world that migration was abruptly sacrificed in the late 1930s with the construction of the Grand Coulee Dam. The recent PBS documentary American Experience described how building the Grand Coulee resulted in “cultural savagery” with its consequence to US Tribes and Canadian First Nations, and as “environmental butchery” in its destruction of Salmon and to the web of benefits that Salmon gave us.

Completion of the Grand Coulee Dam led to the Columbia River Treaty, which formalized water control from Canada to the USA.

The Treaty review now taking place represents the single most important opportunity to make real environmental change in our lifetime.
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