A wealth of Western toad tadpoles!


Beginning in 2002, SWSS, along with co-host Columbia Kootenay Fisheries Renewal Partnership (CKFRP) developed a Watershed-based Fish Sustainability Plan for the Salmo River Watershed. Through research, the Watershed Planning Team, our multi-stakeholder collaborative group comprised of government, industry of all sorts, First Nations, stewards and landowners, identified that there is a lack of wetlands in the Salmo River watershed.

In 2017, the SWSS partnered with Environment Canada and local landowners to create 9-wetlands, comprising of a total of 6,750 square metres of wetland at three separate landowner locations.  The wetlands, including the wetlands shown in the photos above were dug in November 2017; and then planted with native shrubs and grasses in the spring of 2018. This summer the wetlands were monitored, weeded and irrigated.

“Build It and They Will Come”. The amazing productive potential of wetlands is shown by the thousands of tadpoles, who made their appearance in early July. Clearly, the habitat suited Western toads, a species of concern, who were happy to reproduce in their new home!

Caring for What We Don’t Own
Find out information about SWSS, the Salmo River Watershed, and Streamkeeping, where citizens can learn how to assess the health of their local watersheds. Pages also include our stewardship and awareness activities, provide access to our Reports, and indicates how you can help the Salmo River.

The SWSS envisions a Salmo River that is clean and healthy, that supports a diverse range of species, and enables sustainable economic activity. Please join us!