My Friend the River

We are pleased to announce a new artistic project! During these difficult times of health and Environmental crisis, we believe that it is important express our feelings and externalize our emotions. My Friend the River is a project that will connect participants with the Environment and guide them in expressing their thoughts and feelings around that theme. A series of 3 online workshops (via Zoom) are offered to the public.

-Round table discussion around the Environment and Watershed health issues
-Poetry with Mandy Huser
-Photography with Amy Allcock

All of these will be offered in a fun and relaxed environment! Participants will be actively involved, and creative exercises will be offered. All 3 workshops will be delivered to 3 different groups, Youth, *Seniors and a group open to the public. SWSS will collect photos and poems during summer 2020 and will produce a printed version of a booklet.

***Spaces are limited so participants must sign up in advance.***

*An in-person group session with a projection of the workshop will be available for seniors who do not wish to use their own device. Seniors can also join via Zoom.

For more info or signing up contact Nghia Tran at:
(418) 805-4281
Or visit…/my-friend-the-river/